FLU SHOT "FAST TRACK" PROTOCOL  General Information This year, the clinic has again set up a “fast track initiative” with the goal to provide more access to the flu vaccination this season. Patients are being booked for a very brief visit with the “fast track attending physician” for the purpose of immunization only. The reason for the brief encounter is to increase the volume of patients able to receive the vaccine as well as to limit the number of people in the office at any given time for safety reasons. To clarify, the doctor providing the shot may or may not be your regular GP. As this visit is part of the “immunization fast track,” please refrain from asking about other medical issues to help the attending physician be able to keep on time for the next patient. If, on the same day, there is a medical issue needing to be addressed, please inform the front desk staff to book a phone visit with your regular family doctor. Thank you. - Staff and physicians of BPFP Instructions If you are presenting for the “fast track flu shot:
  1. Inform the front desk staff of your arrival.
  2. Please stay outside of the clinic until 5 minutes before your scheduled visit time.
  3. When it is your time to come into the clinic, follow the green arrows on the floor as well as the signage.
  4. Please sit at the marked and designated chair in the waiting room.
  5. The attending physician will call you in and administer the flu vaccination.