Please click on the green link for the physician schedule you want to book with:  Notice/Important:
  1. You do not need a password or username to book online as the booking system is directly linked to our patient database. However, you must enter your name exactly as it is spelled on your care-card (ie: not use nicknames or short forms), personal health number and date of birth.
  2. You can only book online with your own family physician. If your family physician is away (ie: not working that day or on vacation) and there is a medical issue, please call the office to book with one of the partner physicians or your family physician's locum.
  3. Certain types of office visits are not listed as options (ie: complete physical examination & pap smears) - please call the office to arrange these visits.
  4. Please be aware of the cancellation policy that cancellation < 24 hours in advance will be subject to a no-show fee as outlined by our clinic policy. Thank you.
As we are rolling out the online-booking platform there may be some technical issues that can arise.  Please contact the office if there are issues with access.